3 Things You Need to Know About Having a Saltwater Pool in Atlanta, GA

Floating in a saltwater pool

3 Things You Need to Know About Having a Saltwater Pool in Atlanta, GA

Whether you’re currently shopping for a swimming pool or you’re looking to renovate your current pool with a few fantastic upgrades, a saltwater option just can’t be beat. What is a saltwater pool? We’re glad you asked! A saltwater pool uses a salt generator that creates its own chlorine. There’s an electrical reaction between the salt you use in your swimming pool and an electrode in the generator. Talk about shocking! Don’t worry though, it’s totally safe for swimmers. In fact, there are a host of healthy benefits you’ll enjoy when you upgrade your swimming pool. Here are 3 things you need to know about saltwater pools in Atlanta, GA, to ensure you’re making the absolute BEST choice for you and your pool.

Saltwater Pools: The Gentle Giant

Saltwater is a gentle alternative for your eyes, skin, and even nose. You can easily avoid irritation with a saltwater pool. Salt acts as a natural sanitizer, producing its own chlorine. Adding a salt generator to your swimming pool means less chemicals come into contact with your skin, eyes, and hair. But don’t think that gentle means ineffective. A saltwater pool packs a powerful punch in keeping your pool water clean, clear, and sparkling.

Bye Bye Bleach

Have you ever noticed that your swimwear doesn’t hold up after more than a summer or two of swimming? That’s because some pool chemicals can have a bleaching effect on clothes, even those made for swimming in regular pools. But, when you use saltwater to sanitize your pool water, you can wear your favorite bathing suit for years!

Merry Maintenance 

Every pool requires some upkeep, but with a saltwater pool, you’ll enjoy spending less time measuring chemicals, and more time soaking up the Georgia sun — poolside! Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • Check your free chlorine and pH levels every week with either your choice of test strips or a pool chemistry kit.
  • Measure the calcium levels, alkalinity, and cyanuric acid routinely.
  • Inspect the salt cells every three months, or install a salt generator option that alerts you when the cell needs to be changed.
  • Regularly check the filter system, skimmer, and pump, depending on how frequently you swim.

Questions? We have answers!

When you have questions, Opulent Pools always has the answers you need. Here are a few.

How much salt will my pool need? 

The cost of your salt conversion really depends on how big your swimming pool is. Generally speaking, 480 lbs of salt should take care of a 20,000-gallon swimming pool. Call us today at (404) 462-0777 for your salt system estimate.

Can I use chlorine in a saltwater swimming pool?

Yes, you can. You may still need to perform a routine shock from time to time, but you shouldn’t need any extra sanitizing products on a regular basis. The salt is your sanitizer. If you find your pool is requiring more products, it may need some professional help

What chemicals will I still need?

With a saltwater pool, it is still very important to test your chemicals and balance them regularly. In fact, all of the chemicals used in a chlorinated swimming pool can and will be used in a saltwater pool. You will balance your alkalinity, pH, calcium, and metals. The difference is how the water is chlorinated, but a saltwater pool is still using a gentle form of chlorine as a sanitizer. 

Are you ready to upgrade your swimming pool to the miracle water that is salt water? Contact the Georgia pool professionals at Opulent Pools to renovate your current swimming pool with a salt generator today!