4 Benefits of Converting Your Pool to Saltwater

Saltwater Pool

4 Benefits of Converting Your Pool to Saltwater

How you long for the rays of the summer sun beaming down on you as you lounge in your beautiful pool. If only you could swim the days away in a more gentle swim experience. Is there anything out there that could make your pool ownership even better? Let us tell you, there absolutely is! When you convert your pool to a saltwater pool, you’ll find these four benefits and so much more.

Softer Water

One of the main benefits you’ll find with a saltwater sanitizing conversion in incredible, soft water. If you’ve ever experienced swimming in a saltwater pool or if you’ve been in a home with a water softener, you know the gentle, soothing water experience. It’s the same with your saltwater pool. Saltwater pools use a fraction of the amount of salt that is in the ocean to organically maintain your water — over 10 times less. The salt dissolves in your pool water and then is processed through a salt cell generator. The electrical current causes a chemical change, converting sodium chloride to pure, clean chlorine. You’ll find exceptionally clean, luxurious water that you will love to swim in each and every day. How cool is it that your pool makes its own sanitizing chemicals?!

Easy To Maintain

Another surprising benefit that pool owners discover is just how easy it is to maintain their saltwater pool. With saltwater sanitization, you can simply set your saltwater generators and then leave it, testing your water and balancing chemicals as normal. In fact, most pool owners will only have to add salt to their saltwater generators twice in an average summer. Now this may not be accurate for your pool depending on how much you use it, but saltwater pool owners have found that their pools require less maintenance. And if you want even LESS maintenance, we can maintain your pool for you! With weekly and bi-weekly service route options available, you’ll find that owning a pool has never been so easy.

Cost Effective

If the other two benefits weren’t enough, then consider how saltwater pools can be much more cost effective, saving you more money. Saltwater pools can require less than $100 per year when purchasing additional chemicals to balance pH, alkalinity, calcium, and metals. Salt is a very inexpensive product to purchase, and it can last a very long time in your water. That means no more stockpiling chemical sanitizer. With a salt cell conversion, your pool will make all the sanitizing chemicals it needs.

Safer & Healthier

Finally, saltwater pools tend to be a safer and healthier option for you. Salt is hypoallergenic, which means that individuals who deal with different allergy-related issues after swimming can enjoy their saltwater pool problem-free. On top of that, salt sanitation is gentle on eyes, skin, hair, and swimming suits. Saltwater pools are often the preferred option for homeowners, because there are no lingering chemical smells that can stick to clothes or furniture.

Are you ready for us to wave our magic wand and convert your pool into a saltwater pool? If so, call us today at (404) 462-0777. Our sensational customer care team is ready to fill you in on everything you need to know about transforming your beautiful pool into a saltwater pool. With luxuriously soft water and benefits that all your friends will envy, your pool will soon be the gathering place that no one wants to leave! Contact us today to get started.