How Often Should I Clean Cartridge Filters?

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How Often Should I Clean Cartridge Filters?

Pool cartridge filters collect everything that goes into your pool water. This includes things like dirt, oils, minerals, and contaminants. To avoid your cartridge filters from getting clogged or backed up, they need to be cleaned regularly. One of the biggest questions that pool owners ask is “how often should I clean cartridge filters?”

Cleaning vs. Replacing Cartridge Filters

Cleaning your cartridge filter can help keep your swimming water crystal clear. Eventually though, cleaning the cartridge won’t be enough and will need to be replaced.

How Often Should You Clean Cartridge Filters?

Your cartridge filter should be cleaned every six months. To be more precise, the cartridge should be cleaned when the pressure gauge increases by at least 8 PSI. Instead of constantly checking and monitoring your gauge, know that it takes, on average, six months for your pressure to rise this much.

You may need to change the filter more often if your pool water experiences things like algae growth, frequent storms, or large amounts of dirt. All of these can raise the PSI levels in your pool.

How Often Should You Replace Cartridge Filters?

Similar to how your cartridge needs to be cleaned every six months, it will also need to be replaced periodically. Our experts and technicians at Opulent Pools recommend that your filters be changed at least every two years.

Cleaning your cartridge every six months and replacing it every two years will ensure:

  • Less water loss
  • Enhanced filtering for things like lotions, sunscreens, and makeup
  • Increased particle filtering
  • Less strain on pumps

Along with that, frequently cleaning your pool’s filter ensures the longevity of your cartridge. And replacing it every two years will extend the life of your pool.

How To Clean and Replace Your Cartridge Filter

Cleaning your filter is similar to cleaning your teeth. If you don’t do it frequently and make sure to clean it thoroughly, then you’ll need to pay to have it replaced. That being said, there are processes you can go through to make sure your filter is properly cleaned.

To clean your cartridge filter, we recommend that you use a garden hose or something similar to rinse it out first. Be sure to clean the entire thing without damaging any of the cartridge fibers. 

After that, you’ll need to clean the filter out with a specific brush meant for pool filters. This will help to get deep into the filter and clean between the cracks.

Once that is done, soak the cartridge in a cartridge cleaning solution for at least an hour. The longer it is soaking the better. After that’s done, rinse it off one more time with the hose. Then it is ready for use.

For many pool owners, keeping up with your cartridge filters can be an annoying chore that is often forgotten. That’s why pool owners are choosing to turn to Opulent Pools for scheduled maintenance and cleaning. Our routine maintenance makes sure that you never have to worry about forgetting to clean your filter. The prices for our services vary depending on your pool model and size. To get an accurate quote, give us a call today at (404) 462-0777. With Opulent Pools, your beautiful pool will be ready and waiting for you each and every day.