How Do You Know When Your Pool Needs a Renovation

wondering how you know when your pool needs a renovation

How Do You Know When Your Pool Needs a Renovation

If your pool’s lost its sparkling clean sheen, you may want a renovation. If you’re seriously starting to regret those retro-inspired tiles you selected for the waterline, you may want a renovation. Maybe you wish you’d gone for the next-level waterfall feature… another great reason to want a renovation. But, it could be that your pool is telling you it needs a renovation. If you’re wondering how you know when your pool needs a renovation, here are a few things to look for.


Vinyl Liner Pools 

There are a few things that can cause damage to your vinyl liner. Radiation from the sun’s UV rays, along with slow wear caused by chemicals are two of the biggest — and they’re both completely unavoidable. That’s why, no matter how well you take care of your pool, your vinyl liner needs to be replaced every 7-10 years. So, how can you tell it’s time to replace your liner? 

Cracks and Tears

This one will come as no surprise, but if your vinyl liner is ripped or has cracks, it’s probably time for a new one. Tears in your liner can be a sign of an even bigger problem: leaks in your pool. How quickly is the water level dropping in your pool? If it’s dropping by an inch or more each week, you probably have a pool leak. 

There is a chance, especially if your liner isn’t very old, that the tear can be patched. Call us out  and we’ll inspect your pool to see if it can be repaired or if it’s time for a new liner. 


Fading is another sign it’s time to replace your liner. Again, the sun’s UV rays can be thanked for this. A faded liner can make such an impact on the appearance of your pool and backyard! Updating it will give your pool a facelift and brighten up your whole yard.

Slipping & Wrinkling

A new pool liner has a good amount of stretch and elasticity. Over time, vinyl liners can become brittle and lose that stretch. When this happens you might notice wrinkles around the return and skimmer. Or, your liner may keep slipping out of the coping track. 

When you see these signs, don’t give it one more year. Your liner is the waterproofing that protects the rest of your pool’s foundation. Leaving a worn out liner too long can result in damage to your pool’s walls, floor, or even deck. Not worth it!


Gunite/Shotcrete Pools

Did you know it’s the plaster finish on your concrete pool that makes it waterproof? Like anything, it wears out and needs refinished from time to time. Generally, gunite and shotcrete pools need to be replastered every 10-15 years. We know, that’s a pretty big spread. So just how do you know it’s time to resurface your pool? Watch for these signs.


Your feet know! Over time, concrete pools will go from very smooth to really rough. That is a sign that the smooth plaster is wearing out and the rough texture of concrete is starting to come through. 

Darker Shading

Eventually, enough of the plaster will wear away that you can see patches of concrete. Likely, your first visible sign of this will be patches that look darker than the rest of your pool.


Can you see cracks in the plaster? Even hairline cracks? Cracks will trap dirt, quickly throwing off your water chemistry. 


Your pool is your backyard getaway, so we know you want to keep it in great shape and looking beautiful. But remember, the most important reason to replace the vinyl liner or replaster your pool is to protect your pool and help it last for decades! Is your pool calling for a renovation? We can help! Contact us and we’ll get your pool back in peak condition.