Mesh vs Solid Safety Covers

Pool Safety Cover covering the entire shape of the pool

Mesh vs Solid Safety Covers

Pool Safety Cover covering the entire shape of the pool

If you’re going to cover your pool this off season, you should know the difference between mesh vs solid safety covers. Each one offers different benefits for you and your pool. Here, we’ll guide you through these safety covers and help you work out which is the best option for you.


Mesh Safety Covers

The main difference between mesh and solid safety covers is the timing of when you’ll need to do pool and cover maintenance. For example, with mesh safety covers, precipitation from wet debris will drain through the mesh into the pool water. That means your water will be affected and you’ll have to do more testing and balancing with your pool chemicals through the off-season. 

On the flip side, since this debris dries off on your mesh cover, once dried, it will often just blow away and little to no cover maintenance is needed. Another reason people choose mesh safety covers over solid is because of how lightweight they are. Compared to a solid cover, they’re easier to install, remove, and store.


Solid Safety Covers

While mesh safety covers will allow water to seep through, solid covers protect your water from outside contaminants. You won’t have to worry about water or tiny debris getting into your pool. Also, safety covers block sunlight from your water, which keeps your chemicals active for longer and helps inhibit algae growth. 

That said, the solid cover does come with more frequent maintenance during your off season. Since things like leaves, sticks, and rain will accumulate on your cover, it’s important to clean the build-up off before it causes any kind of drooping and puts stress on your hardware and hardscaping. To make water removal easy, you can install an automatic pump on top of your cover once it’s installed. 



Here at Opulent Pools, we offer high-quality GLI® safety covers. Whether you select solid or mesh, you can be sure it will provide the utmost protection for people, pets, and your pool! 

With both styles, there will still be at least a bit of off-season pool maintenance. You’ll want to keep an eye on the water level inside your pool all winter long. Also, occasionally, you should balance the water, even with a solid cover. You know how our Atlanta winters go — cold one week, warm the next. Warm water is prone to algae, which will consume the free chlorine and throw off your chemical balance. Most importantly, periodically inspect the springs and straps to make sure they’re still taut.


Order Yours Today

Whichever type of cover you are looking for, be sure to reach out to us today. When you order a safety cover from Opulent Pools, we actually make sure to measure your pool first. This way we can custom order a cover that is perfect for our pool. Having a custom safety cover will help ensure that your pool is covered and protected from outside forces. 

Currently, there is an 8-10 week waiting time to get your custom cover. What that means to you is that now is the time to order your custom safety cover. To get started on your pool’s safety cover, give us a call today. One of our friendly staff members will schedule a time for a technician to come out and measure your pool. Get in touch at: (404) 462-0777.