Why Anodes Need To Be Installed With Your Salt System

Anodes Need To Be Installed With Your Salt System

Why Anodes Need To Be Installed With Your Salt System

Salt systems are quickly becoming a popular option for chlorinating and cleaning pool water. They allow you to move away from expensive chlorine while continuing to clean out contaminants. While you don’t need to purchase and use chlorine anymore, there are other care tips you should be aware of with your salt system. In this article, we answer the question concerning why anodes need to be installed with your salt system and how they help your pool last longer.

Electrolysis: What is it?

The very first thing you need to understand is that salt in pool water conducts very miniscule amounts of electricity. This happens through the electrolysis process. This is when the small amounts of electricity produced by the salt water flows between the metal in your pool. 

The second thing to understand is that electrolysis produces undetectable amounts of electricity. This can only be found using very sensitive tools and procedures. Human bodies are unaffected by electrolysis. So saltwater systems continue to be a healthy and safe way to clean and enjoy your pool.

Just because our bodies are unaware of it, that doesn’t mean your pool remains unaffected. Electrolysis can cause the metal in your pool to corrode and build up rust and heavy scaling. Most commonly, ladders and lights are the first things that electrolysis can affect. That’s why anode installation protects your pool.

Anodes Need To Be Installed With Your Salt System: What are those?

An anode, often referred to as a sacrificial anode, is a small piece of metal. It is set into your pool equipment during your salt system installation. It draws and conducts the electricity away from the other pieces of metal equipment. The anode then receives the charge itself.

The reason anodes are often called sacrificial anodes is because the conduction of the electricity causes the anode to corrode. As this happens, your anode becomes less and less effective. Finally, it is replaced. Essentially, this anode sacrifices itself. It draws the energy away from other pieces of metal, so that they are less affected by corrosion and deterioration. This helps them and your pool to last longer.

The first type of anode is a zinc anode. This is built into your system and lasts longer while better protecting your pool equipment from electrolysis. Another popular option is using a disc-shaped anode that sits in the bottom of your skimmer. This does the same thing, but doesn’t last quite as long.

Routine Servicing: How does that help?

At Opulent Pools, we offer recurring pool servicing and cleaning. Included in these services is the process of checking on your anodes and the rest of your pool equipment. This ensures that your pool is always in top condition and that you don’t have to worry.

We recommend that you set your pool up on a maintenance schedule. Maintaining your pool is less expensive than replacing it. This will allow you to have the peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe, and that you never have to worry about damaged or expensive pool parts or equipment again.

For more information on why anodes need to be installed with your salt system or to set up your personalized recurring maintenance service, visit our website or give us a call at 404-462-0777. With Opulent Pools, pool ownership has never been so enjoyable!