Why NOT to Close Your Atlanta Pool

Why NOT to Close Your Atlanta Pool

There’s a lot of things you can say about Georgia. We have the best peaches around, we can fry just about anything, and our winters are actually quite nice compared to other parts of the country. So how can you prepare your swimming pool for winter weather and ensure it’s ready for Spring Break? It’s simple! Just don’t close it! Let’s break down why NOT to close your Atlanta pool, and what you SHOULD do instead. 

Just Say No to Pool Closings

When you close your Atlanta pool, you take away the option to enjoy later swims when fall temps refuse to, well, fall; or earlier swims when spring comes in mid-March instead of May. Not only do you miss out on impromptu swim sessions in the fall and early spring. You also spend money on pool closings and openings that could be used for things that are actually fun, like experimenting with the new gadgets you got for Christmas.

Algae growth is slowed down in the winter, but since our cool weather seasons fluctuate from the single digits to upwards of 70 degrees sometimes, the opposite can be true for us here in Georgia than for the northern states. Imagine planning a grand opening only to discover that your swimming pool won’t be ready for weeks. In fact, it can take up to two weeks to clean and service a green pool that has been sitting all winter long without being cared for because it was “closed.” Just say no to closing your Atlanta swimming pool and enjoy your dream backyard all year long! 

What to Do Instead

Are there alternatives to closing down your Atlanta pool? Instead of shutting your swimming pool down completely, try doing these things instead:

  • Keep your water balanced. This includes important chemicals such as algaecide to keep the green, slimy monster at bay. You should also balance your chlorine and pH levels.
  • Put up the accessories. Ladders, slides, rails, and other fun accessories that get used more in the summer can be put away for a time. This makes covering your pool much easier and helps protect your accessories from the unpredictable winter weather. 
  • Check your water levels. Thanks to evaporation and fewer rainy days, you may need to add water to your pool occasionally to keep the water level up.
  • Add a pool cover. A GLI cover is a great way to protect your pool from debris and contamination during the winter, but we do recommend keeping up with your pool’s maintenance along the way to ensure an easier springtime transition to full-time use.

Need a little help?

At Opulent Pools, we understand that taking care of a swimming pool is an important responsibility. That’s why we are happy to service and maintain your pool for you! Every pool owner deserves to have a beautiful aquatic focal point in their backyard. Our team is CPO® certified, and our number-one goal is customer satisfaction. You can rest assured that we will maintain the crystal clear pool of your dreams. Contact us today!