5 Reasons to Convert to a Saltwater Pool

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5 Reasons to Convert to a Saltwater Pool

Saltwater pools have started to become the norm for residential pools. This is because they tend to offer more benefits and even more reasons to switch from traditional chlorine. If you have been thinking about making the switch, consider these top five reasons to convert to a saltwater pool. Once you are ready, give us a call to help you get started.

Reasons to Convert to a Saltwater Pool

When people hear the term saltwater pool, immediately what they tend to think of is swimming in the ocean. But, did you know that residential saltwater pools actually use about 1/10 the amount of salt as the ocean has? We’re here to set the record straight on saltwater pools.

1.Less Management

Depending on the size of your pool and how often you are using it, you should be adding chlorine to your pool about twice per week. When you convert to a saltwater pool, you gain what’s called a salt cell. Salt cells or generators automatically disperse the water for you and only need to be refilled about every two weeks. This means less management and even less maintenance for your saltwater pool.

2. Cost Efficient

One of the top things that saltwater pool owners recognize is how cost efficient their new saltwater pool is. Especially in 2021, we’re seeing the price of chlorine rising while salt is staying at an all-time low. That means you can save money just by switching, and since salt can last longer than chlorine, you actually need to buy less of it.

3. Silkier Water

If the management and cost haven’t convinced you to convert to a saltwater pool, then the water quality definitely will. Salt actually helps produce silkier pool water. The salt is almost undetectable to your taste or smell, but you will feel the difference. Salt chlorination helps to create softer water that is more enjoyable to swim in.

4. Easier on Your Skin and Clothes

Just as you will now have silkier water to swim in, you’ll also notice that saltwater pools are easier on your skin and clothes as well. It’s common knowledge that chlorine can be tough on our bodies. Since salt in our pool water is almost undetectable, it’ll also be barely noticeable on our eyes, clothes and skin.

5. No Storing Chemicals

After all that, if you still need more convincing, consider the fact that you will no longer have to store any chemicals in your house. That means no more having to purchase or store chlorine. Since chlorine chemicals are not safe for children or pets to handle, being able to get that out of the house is a big problem solver.

Convert Your Pool Today

No matter what type of pool you have, you can convert it to a saltwater pool. Opulent Pools helps pool owners with converting, cleaning, repairing, and renovating their pools everyday. That means you can trust us to take care of your pool needs. To get the conversion started, call us today or send us a message on our contact page.