Chlorine vs Saltwater Pools: Which is the Better Choice in 2021?

Boy swimming underwater with eyes open

Chlorine vs Saltwater Pools: Which is the Better Choice in 2021?

Many people today are making the switch from traditional chlorine pools to saltwater pools. Salt offers numerous benefits that make switching an easy decision. Today, we’ll take a look at chlorine vs saltwater pools and decide which is the better choice in 2021.

Salty Misconceptions

To make sure you don’t have the wrong idea about saltwater pools, we’ll first dismiss some common misconceptions and then help you understand the different benefits.

  1. They Don’t Contain Any Chlorine

Salt has actually proven to be a very dependable choice for sanitizing your pool water. Saltwater pools require what is called a chlorine generator, which takes the salt and converts it into chlorine. This means that your water is just as safe, if not more safe, with salt.

  1. They Are as Salty as the Ocean

Salt water sounds like ocean water. You were probably thinking this too, right? Actually, saltwater pools use 10 times less salt then what is in the ocean. So while you might be thinking that you will feel the salty air hurting your eyes, you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell a difference.

  1. Salt is Worse For Your Skin and Eyes Than Chlorine

Some people think that salt can’t be good for your skin and eyes. However, that’s not the case for your pool. In fact, salt creates softer and silkier water than chlorine. Have you ever been in a hotel or home that has a water softener? Guess what softens that water… Salt. That means the water is actually softer and safer on your body than chlorine water.

  1. Salt Is More Expensive Than Chlorine

Another misconception is that salt is expensive. Although saltwater pools require a different generator than chlorine pools, chlorine is actually much more expensive than salt is. This is especially true with the chlorine shortage happening right now. Due to a chlorine plant fire in Louisiana ceasing production, chlorine has become more difficult to find and even more expensive. Because of this, salt has become a top choice for pool owners.

Benefits of Saltwater Pools

Chlorine has been used for years by pool owners and continues to be the main option for pool sanitizing. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a better option. Saltwater pools offer benefits that are making it easier for people to switch their pool water’s sanitization choice.

Some of the main benefits of using salt in your pool water include:

  • Improved comfort both during and after swimming
  • No messy or expensive chemicals
  • Saltwater pools offer self-regulating options that allow you to set it and leave it
  • Pool maintenance is less expensive
  • No overwhelming odor left on your clothes and skin after swimming


Because of these benefits, people are searching for options to allow them to switch to salt for their pools. If this sounds like something you want to do, visit our website to find out more about how we can help you make the switch as well as getting signed up for regular maintenance and cleaning options.  WIth Opulent Pools, owning and maintaining your pool is a breeze!