How to Handle the Chlorine Shortage of 2021

Bare feet dipping into the pool water

How to Handle the Chlorine Shortage of 2021

Bare feet dipping into the pool water


The summer heat is right around the corner. That means you are going to be wanting to spend more time in your pool very soon. While pool time is a great way of cooling down, you may find yourself in the middle of a chlorine shortage this year. As pool season rapidly approaches, it’s time for pool owners to decide how to handle the chlorine shortage of 2021.


Why Is There a Shortage?

There are several factors that are contributing to the current chlorine shortage. One of the biggest factors is the closing of production facilities to keep workers safe during the pandemic. As more workers were being sent home or were stuck in quarantine, chlorine production came to a sudden halt. With the pandemic lasting into 2021, most facilities saw a lower quantity being produced. 

On top of that, there was a major fire at one of the top production plants in the US that destroyed product and halted production. Additionally, more people were home this past year using their pools or having new pools put in. Because of all of this, we’ve seen chlorine supply decrease and prices increase. 

That being said, there is one major solution that can actually end up saving you money. That is to switch to salt.

Making the Switch 

Since chlorine has been used to clean and decontaminate our pool water for so many years, people have rarely searched for another option. Fortunately for you during this shortage, the solution is very simple and cost-effective: convert your pool from chlorine to salt.

Saltwater generators in pools have started to become more and more common. Part of this is because of the chlorine shortage and the other part is because salt is a cost-effective way to clean your pool. 

Not only is salt cheaper than chlorine, but it can actually clean your pool water better as well. And remember the dry, red eyes and itchy skin you get from swimming in your chlorinated pool? Well with saltwater you can forget about that. Salt creates softer and gentler water than chlorine ever could. 

You might be thinking that your water will now be salty and sting your eyes. The good news is that that’s a myth. Saltwater pools aren’t salty. In fact, your pool is about 1/10 the saltiness of the ocean. That means the salt is almost undetectable.

Even better, to sanitize your saltwater pool you need a fraction of the amount of product you use with chlorine. 


Get Started With Salt

Since salt covers all the important points on your checklist and can end up saving you money, now is the time to make the switch. At Opulent Pools, we help our customers convert their pools to saltwater pools all the time. 

So don’t walk to get your pool converted. Run! Switching to saltwater will allow you to kick back, relax, and save money this summer. You won’t have to worry about the shortage and you will be able to enjoy your pool time even more!

To find out more about your new salt generator, give us a call at (404) 462-0777.