Can I Put a Salt System in My Concrete Pool?

Can I Put a Salt System in My Concrete Pool?

Can I Put a Salt System in My Concrete Pool?

Can I Put a Salt System in My Concrete Pool?

Since switching from chlorine to salt is becoming so popular right now, many people have wondered, “Can I put a salt system in my concrete pool?” The answer to this is yes, you can switch from chlorine to salt for your concrete pool. There are some things you should be aware of first before you make the switch. Follow along as we walk you through these details to consider beforehand.

What Does Salt Do to Concrete?

While salt can help to create softer swimming water while also saving you hundreds of dollars a year on your water care, there is also a caveat with a concrete pool. It’s been found that salt can be five times more abrasive to a concrete pool than regular chlorine. That doesn’t mean you can’t add salt to your concrete pool, it just means that it will start to break down your concrete a bit faster than chlorine would. 

One solution to this is to simply have your pool replastered when it begins to show wear. Pool replastering helps to keep your concrete free from cracks and allows you to swim safely in your salt pool. Another option is to tile your pool. Tiling your pool will help to extend your pool’s life because the salt doesn’t reach the concrete as easily.

So is it Safe to Put Salt in a Concrete Pool?

Yes, it is safe to put salt in a concrete pool, there is just more to watch with concrete pools than with other pool types. If you don’t have anything in between your water and your concrete, your concrete can erode faster, but it does not affect the quality of the water or your health. 

Some people worry about salt staining their pool. While a pile of salt sitting on a dry surface can stain concrete, the pool water can help to avoid this. Since your pump is constantly draining and pumping new water back into your pool, the water and salt are always moving. As well, the salt generator produces microscopic salt particles that are pumped into your water. It would take a lot more salt to stain your pool.

Why Switch To Salt?

There are multiple reasons why you should switch to salt for your pool. Here are the top five reasons why people are making the switch today.


  1. More cost effective than chlorine.
  2. Safer and softer to swim in.
  3. Requires less maintenance.
  4. No skin irritation.
  5. Fewer chemicals are needed.


Saltwater pools allow you to save some money every year on your pool as well as providing safer and more comfortable swimming conditions. Did you know that pools use 1/10 the amount of salt as the ocean? That means you can have crisp and clear water without stinging your eyes like ocean water does.

Find Out What’s Best For Your Pool

We have been helping our customers with pool repair, pool replastering, and cleaning for years now. All of our technicians are experienced and know just what your pool needs. If you are looking at making the switch, get in touch with us today to set up your consultation to take a look at your pool.