Should I Close My Pool for Winter?

Should I Close My Pool for Winter?

Should I Close My Pool for Winter?

Should I Close My Pool for Winter?

“Should I close my pool for winter?” It’s a question that many people ask us as the colder months approach. Our usual answer is “no”. While there are pros and cons to each option, in this area, keeping your pool open has greater benefits than closing. Below are some of the main benefits of keeping your pool open during the winter.

Benefits of Keeping Your Pool Open

There are many reasons to keep your pool open during the winter. Three of the main reasons are: you can continue to swim when it’s cooler, the maintenance is easier during the winter, and you save money on the costs of closing your pool. Below are in depth looks into each of these benefits.

Continue to Swim

Keeping your pool open during the cooler months allows you to have even more time in your pool. If you are someone who likes to exercise daily in your pool, having it closed makes staying active that more of a challenge. Maybe you just like to get out to enjoy being in the water for relaxation. Whatever your favorite water activity, keeping your pool open gives you more time to enjoy it.

If you want to keep swimming and you don’t have one already, you’ll need a pool heater to keep your water warm. To find the perfect pool heater, give us a call or visit our contact page.

Easier Maintenance

Your pool needs to be taken care of, no matter what time of year it is. That being said, as the temperature drops, things like algae and bacteria don’t grow as rapidly. That means that maintaining your pool and keeping it clean becomes much easier. Your pool will continue to need balancing and cleaning, but you can expect much less bacteria growth.

Save Money on Additional Costs

Another big benefit of is the amount of money you’ll save by choosing not to close your pool. When you close your pool, there is a certain process you need to go through to keep your pool in top shape for the down season. You either have to pay to have someone close the pool for you or spend time and money doing it yourself. Leaving your pool open allows you to keep that money (and time) instead.

The three biggest costs that you will be saving are:

  • Pool Cover – A high-quality and durable pool safety cover is an added cost. By keeping your pool open you don’t have to worry about this expense.
  • Winterizing Costs – This is an extensive process that includes cleaning, draining, and balancing your pool. It costs so much because it lasts all winter long.
  • Opening Costs – Opening again can also be an extensive process, especially if your water has become very unbalanced over the winter.


Lucky for you, you don’t need to worry about any of these costs if you choose to keep your pool open. On top of that, you get all of the benefits mentioned above.

Turn To The Experts

At Opulent Pools, we help people understand what is needed in order to keep home swimming pools open during the cooler months. We can help you get everything taken care of as far as pool heaters, chemicals, and cleanings go. To find out what you need to get your pool taken care of this year, get in touch today.