Fall Maintenance for My Atlanta Pool

fall maintenance for my Atlanta pool

Fall Maintenance for My Atlanta Pool

fall maintenance for my Atlanta pool

As fall rolls in, we all know that the temperature will be dropping. Luckily, we live in the southern part of the country, so we get to experience warmer weather all year round. Now you may ask, what does that mean for fall maintenance for my Atlanta pool? It means you have two main options for maintaining your pool during this off season. Those options are to leave your pool open and maintain the water, or cover your pool and take care of the pool equipment instead. We’ll cover both of these options in detail and let you know the best practices for each.


Leaving Your Pool Open

The big question you may ask is, “Why would I leave my pool open during the fall?” When you leave your pool open during the fall, it allows you to continue swimming and enjoying the water. Since the temperatures in Atlanta stay warm enough to spend lots of time outside, you can still enjoy your swimming pool.

That being said, there are some extra things that you’ll need to do if you leave your Atlanta pool open.


Clean the Pool Often

Even though it may look beautiful to watch the leaves change color, they will also start to fall off the tree quicker, bringing other twigs and debris with them. Because of this, you need to stay on top of skimming and cleaning your pool. 


Test the Water More Frequently

If you are still planning on using your Atlanta pool during the off season, then you’ll still need to keep your water chemicals balanced. This means that you’ll need to test the water frequently to make sure it’s clean and safe.


Install a Pool Heater

When temperatures drop, it also means that water can freeze overnight. If this happens, it can lead to expensive repairs or replacements. That’s why we suggest installing a water heater to avoid these issues.


Covering Your Pool

After reading that, you may be thinking that you’ll just cover your pool during the fall and not have to worry about anything. While that would be nice, there are still things that you need to take care of.


Shock Your Pool

The first thing you’ll need to do before covering your pool is shock the water. This will help to get rid of any bacteria that may be in the pool water. In addition, it’ll help to keep your water clear during the coming months.


Drain All Equipment

Before closing, you’ll need to drain all the water from your pipes and equipment. Also, you’ll need to turn off your pumps, filters, heaters and chlorinators. It’s also helpful to vacuum any leftover water. This lowers the risk of needing pool renovations later.


Lower the Water Level

This one is not necessary, but very helpful. Lowering the water level helps to protect your equipment from cold or freezing. As well, it makes the pool chemicals last longer as there is less water to take care of.


We Help Maintain Your Pool During the Fall

You may not have the available time or equipment to get all of this taken care of in time for the approaching cooler temperatures. That’s why we recommend you give us a call and set up a time so that we can help get your pool ready. We have been helping our customers do this for many years and we know what it takes to get your Atlanta pool fall ready. Get in touch with us today to start preparing.